Jewel Lake Park

4342 W. 88th Avenue or 4401 W. Dimond Blvd View map

RESERVATIONS: contact the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department at 343-4355.

Features & Amenities

  • Ball field
  • Play equipment suitable for 2-5 year olds
  • Play equipment suitable for 5-12 year olds
  • Lake with fish stocked by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game
  • Picnic shelter
  • Grill
  • Picnic tables and benches
  • Volleyball court
  • Swimming in summer and ice fishing in the winter
  • Parking lot with 32 places on Dimond Blvd.
  • Parking lots with 45 places on Gloralee St.


In 1969, the Municipality of Anchorage acquired this parkland through the State Land Selection process. The Sand Lake Lions Club volunteered to take on development of the area as a club project. The club members felt the junk in the area would take at least a year to clean up, as the area had been abused by snow machine use in the past.

Lions Club members cleaned the area, brought in sand to create the beach area and built barbeque pits. They also installed lights for skating in the winter. In 1973, additional projects added new sand, a new volleyball court and playground equipment.

In 1975, Jewel Lake was the site of a simulated oil clean-up exercise. Later, the Dimond Girls’ Little League worked to upgrade the ball field area, and the Municipality added new play equipment, a multi-purpose field and an improved parking lot.

Reservations: contact the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department at 343-4355. The Anchorage Park Foundation is not a department of the Municipality of Anchorage, and cannot process reservations!

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Municipal Districts
  • Community Council: Sand Lake
  • Legislative District: 22K
  • Assembly District: 3

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