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Leah and Anna Boltz

More than a decade ago one Anchorage mom set out on a mission to ensure Anchorage parks were fun and inclusive for ALL children. Today Leah Boltz and her family celebrate a movement that started with the motto of Parks for All!

Cheryl and Justin’s Story

Inclusive play is about removing barriers. It encompasses the philosophy that children and adults of all abilities benefit from being able to play and interact together. It’s a philosophy that drives our mission at Anchorage Park Foundation. Meet Justin and Cheryl and learn how inclusive parks impacted their lives.

Schools on Trails

Schools on Trails is designed to get Anchorage students outside. An opportunity to ignite their adventurous spirit and encourage a love of learning and a connection to their environment closest to them.

It’s Winter, Time to Get Outside!

Winter is the perfect time to get outside and play! It can feel daunting when the days are short and the air is cold but a few layers later and you will have zero regrets! Getting outside is good for every part of you and your family.