What is inclusive play?

We’re so proud of our ten inclusive playgrounds in Anchorage! But what do we mean when we say inclusive play?

Play for everyone! Inclusive play means creating playgrounds and spaces where children who experience disabilities are able to play independently in a safe environment, and parents, grandparents, and veterans with disabilities are able to play with their children without barriers.

One in seven children has a disability.
People with disabilities are the nation’s largest minority group – and the only group that anyone can join at any time.

For every 1,000 children in a typical school system, 132 have a disability.inclusive-play-vendiagram

Only a few disabilities are visible.
Inclusive Play is much more than providing wheelchair access. Wheelchairs and other visible mobility impairments account for only 1% of disabilities. The other 99% are invisible, and include a broad range of cognitive and physical concerns.

Inclusive play is about everyone.
Inclusive play means that all play is available to all children, and that parents and caregivers can interact with their children at play.

Inclusive play requires rich and thoughtful design. It interacts with children at all levels and engages all of their abilities and senses.

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