Anchorage Trails Wayfinding

The Trails Initiative is one of the seven areas of focus that the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation has adopted to make Anchorage the #1 city to live, work, and play by 2025. Our trails are an important part of Anchorage’s identity. They provide recreation opportunities, serve as transit systems, and attract a talented workforce.

In an effort to improve our trails for all users, we developed a Signage & Wayfinding Plan to create a safer, more easily navigable trail system for our city.

Why become a wayfinding sponsor?

  • Name visibility to hundreds of trail users
  • Link your business to a citywide wayfinding system
  • Help residents and visitors travel and orient themselves in the city
  • Unique opportunity to support Anchorage’s economic growth and development

Click here to learn more about sponsoring a wayfinding sign.

Read the Wayfinding Sponsorship Brochure.