Map Your Anchorage

Tell us about YOUR Anchorage…and Map It!

This is a blank map, just an outline. The way you experience Anchorage, the Anchorage that has meaning for you — the Anchorage that is only yours because of who YOU are — that Anchorage is waiting to be filled in.

Map the invisible; map the obvious. Tell your Anchorage story.

(Deadline for public showings is May 25)


Step 1. Map Your Anchorage

Download a blank map then mark your map.

Step 2. Submit and Share Your Map


For questions or if you’d like printed map forms to circulate to your group or friends, please call Barbara Brown at (907) 947-1880.

The Map Your Anchorage project is a community effort to share our collective stories about place. The Anchorage Park Foundation is the host organization for Map Your Anchorage. By submitting your map, you grant permission for Map Your Anchorage to use it without limit in related projects.

Download a blank map