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As Anchorage residents, we all have an affinity for trails and outdoor recreation, which unifies us as neighbors and Alaskans. In a recent survey, a staggering 92% of residents reported using the trail system, and nearly as many feel that trails significantly contribute to their quality of life.

Please purchase Kincaid Park of the Year merch to support the Anchorage Park Foundation Foundation. The proceeds will help us advocate for infrastructure improvements that close the gaps in the trail system, improve wayfinding, increase access from neighborhoods, add secure bike parking, and encourage tourism.

This year, we are honored to feature art by Ted Kincaid, a local artist and the grandson of the Kincaid homesteaders for whom the park is named. This unique artwork symbolizes our community’s spirit and will only be available this year. Act now to secure your piece of history before it’s gone.

As a nonprofit organization deeply ingrained in the community, the Anchorage Park Foundation relies on the generosity of individuals like yourself. Your continued financial support is not just a purchase; it’s a vote of support for our shared vision of a more vibrant, connected, and accessible Anchorage. With your support, we can continue shaping the future of our trails and parks, making a real difference in our community.