Balto Seppala Park Improvements

In 2013, the Anchorage Park Foundation received $210K in state legislative funding to purchase and install new play equipment, build a picnic shelter, and repair the soccer fields at Balto Seppala Park. Parks and Recreation also received a grant for $75K from the Anchorage Park Foundation to add ADA accessible surfacing to the playground. In addition to this funding, APF will be adding another $40K of “Clean and Green” funding from the Rasmuson Foundation.

Toddlers Balancing

A Very Important Parks (VIP) committee comprised of local park users, neighbors and community council members identified improvements for 2014:

  • New playground equipment!
  • New surfacing to the play area, making it accessible to anyone with disabilities
  • A picnic shelter
  • Soccer field reseeding and repairs
  • A dog station, located at the south parking lot and 32nd Street

Balto Seppala playground

In the summer of 2014, Balto Seppala Park received a new inclusive playground, the third Anchorage Park Foundation has been able to bring to Anchorage (after Cuddy Family Midtown Park and Campbell Park). This is the hot new spot in the Turnagain neighborhood! Kids of all ages are enjoying the new play equipment and turf, the new picnic shelter, and the community-driven Little Free Library.

In 2015, community members Dan and Cathy Gleason celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary by planting six Amur Chokecherry trees at the southeast area of the park, paralleling Milky Way. The trees are planted in line with Amur Chokecherry trees planted ten years ago.

Balto Little Free Library

Little Free Library in Balto Seppala Park