Chanshtnu Muldoon Park

It’s not every day that the dream of a new park comes to fruition. In January of 2018, Muldoon neighbors witnessed the completion of the first phase of the new Chanshtnu Muldoon Park in East Anchorage, including construction of an inclusive playground and ice skating loop.

Transforming the 26.74 acre plot southeast of the Muldoon and Debarr intersection into Chanshtnu Muldoon Park is a community success that represents ten years of hard work and dedication from committed neighbors who followed their vision to create something beautiful and fun in their neighborhood.

The community celebrated the new opening of the new park with a skating party. The UAA Seawolves kicked off the event a hockey game with creative rules adjusted to fit the unique shape of the rink. Public skating followed with warming barrels, music, and Kaladis Brothers hot cocoa to warm up the festivities. The skating party was jointly hosted by the Northeast Community Council, Scenic Foothills Community Council, Anchorage Park Foundation, and Anchorage Parks and Recreation to celebrate all that has been accomplished and look forward to the next phase of the project.

Anchorage Parks and Recreation Planner Steve Rafuse worked with neighbors to develop a master plan that transforms the land into a beautiful new community space that is full of healthy recreation opportunities and neighborhood spirit. Phase 1 of the park includes an inclusive playground with a greenhouse shaped climber at the centerpiece in honor of the former Alaska Greenhouses, a community landmark for many locals. The inclusive playground includes accessible turf surfacing, sensory roller slides, and ground level spinning play equipment, with many of the pieces connecting to the greenhouse and nature theme. Through inclusive play, we design spaces that meet the needs of every family where children of all abilities can play together without physical or social barriers. Adjacent to the playground, the skating rink weaves in a loop, providing a fun winter activity and, as a paved surface, doubles as a space for the Muldoon Farmer’s Market in the summer.

Neighbors are already looking forward to Phase 2 of construction which will begin summer 2019. Improvements include a community garden, orchard, a bridge connecting the play area to the rest of the park, additional parking, and lighting. Other elements in the park’s master plan include a bouldering area, dog park, trails, and bike pump track. Visit the Municipality of Anchorage website for more information about the Chanshtnu Muldoon Park Master Plan.