Balto Seppala Schools on Trails

On November 5th, 2015, Turnagain Elementary School first graders celebrated the new 600 foot soft-surface trail at Balto Seppala Park built by Youth Employment in Parks that summer. The trail is inspired by the park’s namesake, Balto the dog who played a large role in the Serum Run, and features five new interpretive signs about the history of dog mushing in Alaska.

The students walked from their school to the east end of the park, following the map below, which showcases the school’s connection to the park and the resources that the park offers.  They met Iditarod mushers, Debbie and Mark Moderow who brought the new trail to life with props such as a dog sled and their lead dog, named Sharp Cheddar. The kids also had the opportunity to test out the newly improved, inclusive playground.  The event was organized as part of the Schools on Trails program to connect students to their local parks and trails.

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Turnagain Map Update