Schools on Trails


Engage Anchorage schools in nearby trails, parks, streams, and natural habitats to educate students and staff about community assets and enrich neighborhoods through increased local awareness.  Establish connections with students and create opportunities to share in civic engagement, participate in the project planning process, foster stewardship of our lands, and instill the value of safe public spaces as a key component in the quality of life.


  • Identify and raise awareness of trails, parks, and streams and natural habitats near Anchorage schools.
  • Connect schools and families to these nearby public spaces and encourage outdoor educational opportunities.
  • Engage staff and students in the creation, planning, and implementation of improvement projects.
  • Involve students in each step of the process as real-life lessons in civic engagement and project management.
  • Leverage school interest for project fundraising and long-term success.
  • Provide continuing education incentives to school staff and other volunteers for professional participation.

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Recent projects, events, and resources

  • School Challenge Grants
    Check out some of the larger projects being implemented by teachers and schools such as outdoor classrooms, trail connections, and interpretive signage.
  • Teacher Resources for Outdoor Learning
    Learn more about the Schools on Trails resources and services available to help teachers get their students outdoors.
  • Schools on Trails Maps
    These maps highlight the connection between schools in the Anchorage area and their public green spaces.


Anchorage school teachers are using their nearby parks and trails as outdoor learning spaces and they need YOU to chaperone!  Chaperones must be available for a minimum of two hours a month during school hours.  No training required, but experience with children, education, and the outdoors is a plus.


Meredith Gutierrez, Youth Engagement Coordinator
(Direct) 907.351.0055