Westchester Lagoon Nature Trail

The Westchester Lagoon Nature Trail is an asphalt paved nature trail accessed from West 19th Avenue, located between Spenard Road and Bunker Street immediately south of Chester Creek. The Trail was developed in 1978 as an Accessible Nature Trail for All Abilities, and is undergoing rehabilitation to bring it up to current ADA design standards. It is proposed to become an accessible pedestrian boardwalk linking decks overlooking Chester Creek, and include interpretive signage and an outdoor classroom.

The Schools on Trails Program was awarded an Anchorage Park Foundation Challenge Grant in 2015 and is working with the Anchorage Parks + Recreation Department to construct improvements in the summer of 2016. The Nature Trail is envisioned to be an outdoor learning and art lab that supports place-based education and expression within the natural environs of Chester Creek and its adjacent wetlands. This Student Design Competition has been established to address the need for seating along the boardwalk. Seats, benches or sculptural chairs are intended to be functional, artful, and support learning without creating a space too inviting for vandals or illegal activity.

We encourage you to walk the trail in person to get a feel for the area, and to understand how your design will fit the natural space there.   There is an entrance/parking lot on 19th St between Bunker St. and Spenard Rd.

20150528_155405 (Custom)20150528_160047 (Custom)20150528_160738 (Custom)20150727_170045 (Custom)20150820_113027 (Custom)20150820_113101 (Custom)Images courtesy Bettisworth North

151105 BN_WLNT_Boards_GraphicPlan

Map of the site.

Graphic Site Plan