Sand Lake Park Makeover Project by Sand Lake Elementary

fullsizerender-7outdoor-classroom-areaSand Lake Park runs along the western border of Sand Lake Elementary School and is easily accessible from the school.  This park is habitat for the only species of frog found in Alaska, as well as numerous species of native plants, birds, fish, and other wildlife.

Sand Lake Elementary School has officially adopted Sand Lake Park through the Adopt-A-Park program, and the students have presented a plan for improvements of Sand Lake Park to the Anchorage Park Foundation, Schools on Trails, and the Parks and Recreation Department at City Hall, which was very well received.  The Sand Lake Park Makeover Project proposed by the students will create opportunities for the elementary school students to learn, protect, and teach others about Sand Lake Park, as well as create improvements within the Park that will support increased outdoor education connections, and benefit the surrounding community.

Sand Lake Park Report Card Presentation by Sand Lake Elementary

Sand Lake Makeover Plan

Project Website by Sand Lake Elementary