Schools on Trails Maps



Schools on Trails maps highlight the connection between schools in the Anchorage area and their public green spaces.  They are designed as a tool for the school, the community and the city, to promote increased access to trails and parks, encourage outdoor learning and environmental education, and improve student health. Please share them!  If you would like a map connecting your school to it’s trail, please contact Brendan Stuart at 907.271.4591 or

Airport Heights Elementary School

College Gate Elementary School

Denali Montessori SOT Map
Denali Montessori Elementary School

Government Hill Elementary School

Government Hill SOT Map_En Espanol_reduced (002)
Government Hill Elementary School En Espanol

Inlet View SOT Map
Inlet View Elementary School

Loussac Place SOT Map
Loussac Place

Nunaka Valley Elementary School

Nunaka Valley Elementary School

Sand Lake SOT Map
Sand Lake Elementary School


Spring Hill_Hanshew SOT Map

Spring Hill and Hanshew Schools

Taku SoT Map
Taku Elementary School

Turnagain Map Update
Turnagain Elementary School

Westchester Lagoon Nature Trail Overview

Wonder Park Elementary